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Year: 2018
4 Tacks
Total time: 29:15

Paolo Folzini

Reflections… our faces in a mirrow, year after year… are the ones we expected to see?
Skies and clouds in a puddle, a sort of door to other dimensions.
This album, in keeping with Liquid Frame’s tradition. tries to be a key to open those doors, exploring different situations and moods: love and tenderness, but also human cruelty, war and death.

Author notes:
Since the publication of “Anatomy of a dream”, nearly two years ago, lots of things happened, to me and to our poor world. First of all both of us are becoming old without learning wisdom. But world runs fast, often with no direction, and getting off this carousel called society has become a need. I do not watch TV news anymore… hardly read newspapers. Humanity is entering a new medieval age, and MUSIC is the best way I’ve found to keep my dreams alive, and to be able to greet the morning sun with a smile…
This album is for my beloved father, who left us few months ago.

Special thanks to, David Elliott and Sanna Hartfield.

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Liquid Frame reflections