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Water, water, everywhere,
And all the boards did shrink;
Water, water, everywhere,
Nor any drop to drink.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge
The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

Liquid Frame H2O – Now available for free on Jamendo

1. Lorelai
2. Waves
3. Rivers
5. Stige
6. Feelin good

Release notes:

This album is devoted to the memory of Giuseppe Moruzzi: a friend, a brother… we miss you

All songs except “Feelin good” are composed, arranged and produced by Liquid Frame.

Patricia Edwards
Song “Feelin good” is composed by Liquid Frame & REDZ (music) and by Patricia Edwards (voice melody and words).

A great thank you to Paola, my wife, for her love and patience. Also thanx to Alex Piatti for his precious audio suggestions 🙂

As always, thanks to Creative Workshop, Jazz Friends, Life Style Radio and all the people who work to keep all these things alive

Front cover photo by Emanuele Colombo:


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Liquid Frame H2O


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Now also on SoundCloud in wav format



H2O on TNTVillage ScambioEtico

Liquid Frame is a P2P fan. So I’m proud to show what TNTVillage crew made for our project… great guys!!!…



Album reviews

MoltoMolto Bello
@roberto daglio

stile originale e gran bei suoni,ma sopratutto musica “pensata” e organizzata,non un’accozzaglia di suoni ambient come spesso capita di sentire,si sente dietro alle composizioni la preparazione,la passione,l’esperienza e il talento. ottimo album



nice Album

a short but good Album different interesting electronic Sounds, my favourite is Waves. Well Done


“Water has a soothing magic . . . our whole lives . .  our souls are filled with water . . . it flows through our veins . . . and washes down the mountains sides . . . smoothing out the rough and calming the weary . . . this music is full of the sounds and appeal of water . . it carves a niche within your heart as you dream and float on the surface . . . the ripples around you reflect the stars . . . endlessly they dance . . . filling your emptiness with hope and happiness.”

Great atmosphere
@Raffaella CurtiReally superb production!Nothing else!;)

Exotic, Fluid and Flowing…

Simply Exotic Electronica Ambient Music! Indeed there are occasional Water/Liquid Sound Effects, as the Album Title may suggest, hidden in the Harmony of some the Songs but the overall Feeling is Cool Electronic Pop with Strong Touches World Beat and Orchestral Harmony. Track #3. ‘ACAB’ drives home the message in the Most Unique Way on the Planet( Search “ACAB” to fully understand ) while maintaining the Slick Symphonic Arrangement. Overall, this is a Surprising Album with some Great Musical Tricks up its sleeve.

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