An anthology: Relics – the first tapes

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Relics – the first tapes (remastered in 2010) Total time: 42:23
More than an album, “relics-the first tapes” is an anthology of pieces dating back more or less a dozen years ago. This is songs that have represented the beginning of the project Liquid Frame, and that without the implementation of this anthology would have fallen in oblivion. Listening to the new proposals of Giuseppe piranio, multi-talented artist, enjoyable on Jamendo, I felt the desire and the duty to (re)publish some compositions we recorded together in that period.

The first song, “ascensionali”, was almost entirely written by Giuseppe, music and text, as the last song, “my gift”, composed by this artist and given to me to arrange and produce it. Tracks “moonlight ray”, “the right and bad ones” and “feelin’ were written together and texts are mostly my.
The other pieces were composed by the undersigned immediately after the collaboration with the magazine “New Age & New Sounds” (1999-2000) with the help, both at compositional and implementation, of musicians such as Marco Pieri, Gianluca Zanetti, Diego Frazzi, Florindo Grillo, Sal Rosselli.
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Relics the first tapes


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by AlfA13 • 2010-09-11 13:07:58

Интересная оранжировка, приятный голос! Отличный альбом ?


by Hiroumi • 2010-09-10 11:09:09

Awesome album!! It is incredibly high quality! Thank you for your fantastic music!!!


by coriandolo • 2010-10-02 01:35:08

Impossibile descrivere questo album, è da quando è uscito che lo ascolto a ripetizione, e ogni volta è una emozione. E’ perfetto, sotto tutti gli aspetti. Composizione impeccabile, voci spettacolose, testi intensi, esecuzione magistrale. Si potrebbero usare tutti gli aggettivi conosciuti e anche sconosciuti, ma niente può rappresentare quello che si incontra fra queste note e queste lettere. Musica che ti entra dentro e ti porta via, voci che ti accarezzano, parole immaginifiche, chiudi gli occhi e comincia il viaggio. Fra spazi siderali, o la dove senti battere il cuore della terra, fra le notti di una città addormentata, in abissi profondi, in deserti di cristallo o dove ti porta la fantasia, sellecitata da queste armonie straordinarie. Difficile sceglierne una, ma forse quella che sento più “mia” è feelin, una scelta del tutto emotiva, per quella voce carezzevole che scivola diretta al cuore e ti lascia con il fiato sospeso. Grazie. Bravi tutti.


Bon, MAIS………..
by depechemode • 2011-04-08 18:23:09

……….j’ai plus accrcher les pistes 4,7,8 et 10…..mais faite comme moi, écouter l’album conplétement pour vous faire une VRAIE idée ……a+ Et merci pour le partage…..


Not your average ambient .. . . more like stunning music, shining with talent and creativity. Impressive!
PurpleOrca • 2010-09-14 07:46:50

I would give this album a fusion genre such as ambient/jazz/ with some excellent singing, beautiful lyrics and music. The melodies are exquisite and touching. The over all feeling of the album is more of a relaxing jazz, “Feelin” being one of my favorites was a jazzy tune . . . beautiful! And the woman singer in “Under My Eyes” was stunning . . . simply STUNNING! Tina Turner comes to mind, maybe a little less edgy. But so very good. I loved “voices” with its flute intro and gentle earthy native lead-in to a powerful rock piece and a fast ride. Exciting. “Land of Confusion” and a fast piano, keyboard and drums, bass and other instruments racing each other across space and time . … .. this one was more of a jazzy/rock . . . excellent and shows huge talent in the composition and playing of that piece. Each tune was unique and interesting and definitely not the boring kind of ambient if you wish to call it ambient . . . I call it artistic and good and I enjoyed the whole thing. o0o

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