Relics – The first tapes

Album info

Year: 2010
10 Tacks
Total time: 42:23

Paolo Folzini


More than an album, “relics-the first tapes” is an anthology of pieces dating back more or less a dozen years ago.

This is songs that have represented the beginning of the project Liquid Frame, and that without the implementation of this anthology would have fallen in oblivion.

Listening to the new proposals of Giuseppe piranio, multi-talented artist, enjoyable on Jamendo, I felt the desire and the duty to (re)publish some compositions we recorded together in that period.

The first song, “ascensionali”, was almost entirely written by Giuseppe, music and text, as the last song, “my gift”, composed by this artist and given to me to arrange and produce it. Tracks “moonlight ray”, “the right and bad ones” and “feelin’ were written together and texts are mostly my.
The other pieces were composed by the undersigned immediately after the collaboration with the magazine “New Age & New Sounds” (1999-2000) with the help, both at compositional and implementation, of musicians such as Marco Pieri, Gianluca Zanetti, Diego Frazzi, Florindo Grillo, Sal Rosselli.

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Relics front 1