Deep Beat

Album info

Year: 2013
5 Tacks
Total time: 29:42

Paolo Folzini

Deep Beat… oil pumps & petrol wars. All the themes that have characterized so many years of music come back.
Deep Beat is a deaf pulsation that marks the rhythm of the dissolution of consciences, but is also the stubbornness of a life that fights for continuing, and, above all, the taste of an affection, the only thing without end indeed.

Release notes:

  • thanks to Fabio Maraia for the guitar solo in “18”
  • thanks to Diego Frazzi for the original concept and song composition on “Valjean”
  • song “New City Lounge” composed and arranged with Stefano Mocini (thanks for all, man!)
  • a very special thank to Paola for love and support
  • song “Hindu Kush” remastered from album “Shiva’s garden”
  • song “Rebirth” remastered from album “Horizons”
  • song “Ride away” remastered from album “Horizons”

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“Finally I’d like to thank you all Creative Workshop members, especially Daniela Vivarelli & Fabio Mazzarella, two beautiful travel companions” – Paolo

Album Cover

Deep beat