Simply two songs for lovers


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AM broadcasting… from “Swedish rhapsody”, a Polish numbers station, to ghost recordings over AM frequencies and electronic voice phenomena (EVP). From Friedrich Jurgenson and his psychophony to Konstantine Raudive.
A trip through distant voices and sounds whose echoes, sometimes, reach us.


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The void: a Covid-19 pandemic overview by Liquid Frame.
A song composed during the italian quarantine in March and April 2020. A track thought to be the soundtrack of a video footage about Covid-19 and the pandemic effects all over the world.


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A bad trip, a period of painful situations without an escape plan…
and the illusion to be able to “rewind” time, as we used to do with old VHS tapes.


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Reflections… our faces in a mirrow, year after year… are the ones we expected to see?
Skies and clouds in a puddle, a sort of door to other dimensions.


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To realize this album has meant for me to come back with my mind to the years
that have seen the birth of the songs that compose it; sometimes a painful and twisted trip, but also full of sweet and exotic memories


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From the collaboration with the artist Sanna Hartfield and is born a new single: Stay Away


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“Simply Exotic Electronica Ambient Music! Indeed there are occasional Water/Liquid Sound Effects, as the Album Title may suggest, hidden in the Harmony of some the Songs but the overall Feeling is Cool Electronic Pop with Strong Touches World Beat and Orchestral Harmony.”


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Deep Beat… oil pumps & petrol wars. All the themes that have characterized so many years of music come back.
Deep Beat is a deaf pulsation that marks the rhythm of the dissolution of consciences,
but is also the stubbornness of a life that fights for continuing, and, above all, the taste of an affection, the only thing without end indeed.


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“I tried to find, for this new work, other musical ways,
exploring Indian and middle east instruments, like armenian duduk and sitars,
then I merged with other ethnic instruments like kantele from Finland and an american banjo…
After this I infected the result with electronic elements, as usual.” Paolo Folzini


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”I tried to preserve Liquid Frame’s style, exploring however new traditions and instruments never used before.
In this way I found MY Shiva’s garden… and I hope you all will be able to do the same.” Paolo Folzini – Liquid Frame


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More than an album, “relics-the first tapes” is an anthology of pieces dating back more or less twenty years ago.
These are songs that have represented the beginning of the project Liquid Frame,
and that without the implementation of this anthology would have fallen in oblivion.


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“A very impressive album and super relax listen to. Very balanced production, well played and top arranged with some melodic synthsounds, rhythms… Of course not forgetting the super-integrated voices, that gives the whole creation even more value than it already is. Yes this is a very job of pro!…” by C.J.ROGERS • 2009-06-23 12:12:51


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Published in 1999, Constance has been first Liquid Frame’s album.
Twelve years ago there was something magic inside and around us, during composition as well as recording…
Now it’s time to search for those emotions again


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Liquid Frame

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Liquid World is a virtual gallery of the sounds and the images that fill our everyday life.
Most of Liquid Frame production is under a Creative Commons Attribution.
Liquid Frame Project comes out from the idea of two musicians with completely different styles: an accurate sound and beatz research with the help of samplers and digital systems and the presence of acoustic instruments.
Over the years, the project has become increasingly electro, and the presence of acoustic instruments has become less frequent.

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