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The new album by Jazz Friends, White Notes, comes with Santa Claus, just in time to put it under your Christmas tree.
It’s our gift to you. Listen and donate it to your friends, to give music is as to give a bit of sky.
With the abetting of the festive spirit, the general atmosphere of the album is more lounge and relaxed, but there are moments of pure classic jazz, moments of sweet Christmas atmosphere and, why not, a sprinkle of jazz rock too. You can appreciate also two new, extraordinary female voices, sensual, enchanting … and I say no more: to you the pleasure of discovering.
New in this time, the project became open, not only invitations, but also the possibility for all artist to propose their songs, to be included in the album. Among the many received it was selected one especially meritorious. This experience, even if laborious, has been amazing and we’ll propose it again for the next album, reserving more space for new participants.

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  • Paolo Folzini (www.liquidframe.net), took care of the sound and the edition of the album, creating with sensitivity a path of listening that we invite you to follow.
  • Courtesy Paolo Dalprato (www.paolodalprato.com) the charming cover image,  that well represents the spirit of this time of year and the atmosphere of the album.
  • Daniela Vivarelli has organized the event, as always, with Polo Folzini, has also created the graphics parts and takes care of the diffusion and promotion of the album.
  • Creative Workshop (www.creative-workshop.org) is our cultural association and netlabel, whose Jazz Friend is a project. The purpose of the Association is to promote the artists, works and Copyleft culture, providing free promotional tools and help for artists, and making itself an active part in this promotion.
    We warmly invite you to visit the website of the Association, its numerous activities, to use its free tools, to support it and actively take part in it.




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