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Horizons reviews

“Horizons” reviews on Jamendo   Enchanting, Magical, Atmospheric, Captivating, Sound scape Of Sheer by Delight…musictomyears • 2009-07-03 02:39:16 kaleidoscopic, penetrating, full, force and soothing, surround sound of delight,entertaining, interesting, captivating, stimulating, thoughtful, fusion, electronic, instrumental, ambient,trippy,crossover,psychedelic, new age, folkish, inspirational. with great vocals, and amazing natural sound affects.. and so much more to this colourful, delightful, out of this world amazing,

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Constance reviews

“Constance” reviews on Jamendo – feat. HABAKA KAY FOSTER JACKSON   There’s nothing like the sweet and warm loving feeling. by Carybe • 2011-08-07 23:58:42 One of the most rewarding sensations that I get from music, is this growing warm loving feeling together with a suave shivering, that occasionally invade me from top to toe. It’s something that occurs occasionally and

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Shiva’s garden reviews

“Shiva’s garden” reviews on Jamendo Coolitude by RebelRaiser • 2011-04-24 12:46:49 Musique d’une grande plénitude, extrêmement apaisante et relaxante d’où se dégage une grande sérénité. Attitude zen ! Merci pour la recommandation.   Soothing…Caring…Sensual…Stimulating..Delightfilled. Aural…Erotic…Orgasmic..Fantastica.. Music. by musictomyears • 2011-04-25 00:13:52 Beautifully soothing…calming and graceful….pure and luxurious… meditative soul filled… ambient-al day dreamy,mesmerising, bewitching perfect, visionary… lullabies of surround sound of glorious

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