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Rino Batterra • 23/nov/2013
Brano : Guitare solitude

Magnifica ed affascinante musica. Brani ben costruiti e realizzati con gusto e preparazione. Suggestivi e coinvolgenti. Ottime sonorità e una nota di merito alla parte di chitarra su Zero-latitude che è il brano che preferisco. Bell’ album ……Complimenti!!!!


Wolfsong.thePoet • 07/feb/2013
Brano : Guitare solitude

Loved the flow of the instruments . . . the feeling of a great journey ensuing through time and mystical lands . . . a dreaminess envelopes the listener and the mists part giving a warm glow as visions form . . . wonderfully creative music.


Nice music 🙂
Tadek59 • 04/feb/2013
Brano : Guitare solitude


Un bien bel album…
san064 • 31/gen/2013
Brano : Guitare solitude

Il a l’avantage de pouvoir être écouté par le plus grand nombre, parce que les codes du genre sont présents ( un repère sûr) et en pluss, il garde une vraie personnalité parce que l’auteur s’autorise des ptites “fantaisies” qui donnent un caractère à l’album… de plus, tout est agréable à l’écoute, tout est cohérent et se tient, rien ne titille les oreilles désagréablement… pour moi, ce ptit album est très réussi… merci pour le partage !


Die-Klangwelt • 30/gen/2013
Brano : Guitare solitude

Wonderful nice electronicel Sounds. It’s great for the Ears ;o)


Excellent music
KYTIE • 29/dic/2012
Brano : Guitare solitude

Good atmosphere, my preference: number four, a sublime guitar. Thank you very much to you. Compliments of KYTIE


Nice music !
Tadek59 • 27/dic/2012
Brano : Guitare solitude


Great work!
dubtrak • 24/dic/2012
Brano : Guitare solitude

Nicely chilled tunes, very well produced, I might use a track or two in my mixes for yoga – I’m certain this music will work great for practice, just a right downtempo vibe 🙂


Excellent work
Denmax • 23/ott/2012
Brano : Guitare solitude

Excellent work


Great music !
Tadek59 • 09/ott/2012
Brano : Guitare solitude


wonderful album
music4ever2010 • 07/ott/2012
Brano : Guitare solitude

Very good and original. Must be a high-rated one. Thanks.


An Excursion into Exotic Musical Imagination
RangerSeriesBlack • 07/ott/2012
Brano : Guitare solitude

Listeners will be hard pressed to define this Album. It contains elements of World Beat, Electronica, Lounge, Ethnic and Eastern Mysticism and this is just what is heard in Track #1. ‘Stage_Two’ . Basically, Fans of Deep, Mellow Bass Tones and South Asian Native instruments/Sounds that is Fused with Western Electronica—will be in for a Real Treat. Track #2. ‘Opium’, might even exceed its companion tracks in sheer “Otherworldly-ness” with the richness of a Piano Melody superimposed over the aforementioned Style Elements. Simply, a Enchanting Foursome that Strongly resonates with the Psyche.


AND the Magic continues !
OLdSKuul62 • 06/ott/2012
Brano : Guitare solitude

Outside of Jamendo, there are few artists that keep my interest anywhere near the intensity I do for this artist. If you have read any of my previous reviews you will discover that I may have a slightly biased opinion about this artist . But what can I say ? The music is excellent ,and intelligent . Not pointless,or aimless ,the way some artists music can be . There are many good artists . I will even say that there are many excellent artists . But few of them have the magic that this one does . And it comes through in all of the albums and EP’s . I have always liked the use of Indian instrumentation or sounds tied into other music. There is a genuine warmth to this music .And it is because of that warmth that I continually look forward to anything new by this artist . Liquid frame , May your muse stay with you always .


Great work
zero-project • 06/ott/2012
Brano : Guitare solitude

Thank you for sharing this great work. It is a high quality production in any meaning. My congratulations for such an inspiration and a unique musical result.


Molto bello!
CAMERHA • 05/ott/2012
Brano : Guitare solitude

Davvero molto suggestivo…stage two è il mio brano preferito. Le sonorità sono molto ben curate…molto particolare e in tema la copertina. Molto bello!

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