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Cool tracks !
Tadek59 • 16/dic/2013

Great album
music4ever2010 • 10/dic/2013

Really great album (as always…). A fascinating mix of genres. Thank you!


Multiple Electro Styles Coexist Happily
RangerSeriesBlack • 10/dic/2013

Based on its title potential Listeners might expect this Collection to be a series of Dance or House Mixes but it’s a mixture of Electronica Styles. Among the examples: Track #1. ‘Polar Express’, is New Age(like)-World Beat Fusion, Track #6. ‘Hindu kush Remastered’, Dance-Electro; Track #4. ‘New City Lounge'(strong hints of 1970s Disco ), and Techno Pop with a Strong Political Statement; Track #2. ‘Deep Beat (Bastards in Arms)’-politics aside—the Melody is a Pulsing Hot Techno Stunner. Lounge Chillout is also well presented with the Sultry Female Vocal Fueled Track #8. ‘Ride Away Remastered’. Basically, Fans of Electronica or Music of the “Off the Beaten Path” Relaxation Variety will have Fun exploring this Album.


estupendo trabajo
djfredse • 09/dic/2013

estupendo trabajo, piano, bajos….muy agradable de escuchar, buen albun, saludos..


roberto daglio
roberto daglio • 08/dic/2013

grande album, interessante sotto ogni punto di vista,dalle atmosfere raffinate ai suoni caldi e avvolgenti,godibilissimo all’ascolto anche approfondito per dei brani dal grande potere evocativo.

a real good Album
Offenbach • 21/dic/2013

Hi there now i found the time listening and it´s great. My favourite ist song for paola a mixture of jazz, easý listening so keep on ding like that

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