– Liquid Frame: Ghosts
da Paolo Folzini

AM broadcasting… from “Swedish rhapsody”, a Polish numbers station, to ghost recordings over AM frequencies and electronic voice phenomena (EVP). From Friedrich Jurgenson and his psychophony to Konstantine Raudive.
A trip through distant voices and sounds whose echoes, sometimes, reach us.


– Liquid Frame: The void
da Paolo Folzini

The void: a Covid-19 pandemic overview by Liquid Frame.
All photos are taken from, an online repository of free-use images, sounds and other media.
Common people, all over the world, are gathering information about the situation in their countries during the global quarantine, sharing their media online.
All images in this video were uploaded in March and April, during the lockdown phase 1 in Italy.
No filters, no censorship… trying to demonstrate we are as one, no matter where we live, where we were born or what language we speak.


– Liquid Frame: Rewind
da Paolo Folzini

A bad trip, a period of painful situations without an escape plan… and the illusion to be able to “rewind” time, as we used to do with old VHS tapes.
Nevertheless, when this fancy vanishes and all seems lost, you realize you are not alone: the woman near you, the girl you have married is sharing your feelings and troubles… SHE IS WITH YOU
Therefore, if we are not able to stop or rewind time passing, maybe Love is the answer, maybe LOVE IS FOREVER.


– liquid frame – Waves
da Paolo Folzini

A remastered version of a song originally on album “H2O” (2015). In this video footage were used Creative Commons videos posted on Wikimedia Commons.


– Liquid Frame: Morphine against terrorism (official video)
da CreativeWorkshopTV

Una riflessione su ciò che sta accadendo nel mondo… Bush, Putin, la Cecenia e l’Iraq
[originally uploaded on NGVision]



– 31 8 2002 – Genova un anno dopo
da ilsapererendeliberi

Un lavoro risalente all’agosto del 2002, mai pubblicato prima d’ora. Perchè farlo adesso? Perchè proprio in questi giorni, adeguatamente oscurata/mimetizzata, giunge la notizia del rinvio a giudizio di 30 degli oltre 160 imputati (non male!) per i fatti vergognosi di Genova. E’ giusto ricordare come i cosiddetti media abbiano completamente taciuto le reali brutalità delle forze dell’ordine e le mistificazioni di chi la legge dovrebbe farla rispettare, non trasghedirla
[originally uploaded on NGVision]



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