Jazz Friends – Summer Jazz 2012

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Summer appointment with JAZZ FRIENDS.
This time with even more collaborations.
In fact, we preferred to reduce a bit the number of tracks and increase the collaborations, as it is in the spirit of Jazz Friends, which must also be a meeting point between artists, new experiences, exchange of knowledge.
As usual there are old friends that you remember from Jazz Friends 2012, David KBD and José GDF, very welcome return Mokrane Akim Gilles and Mauro Marangoni, and our young Stefano Mocini, this time in collaboration with Rossy, the beautiful guitar of Stone Pillow.
Great return of Tracing Arcs (Fran’s voice is always better, if that’s possible) and Liquid Frame. Newcomer Carlos der Eisbar with a blues.
Mention apart for a duo that has made me much pleasure to have in this album: Jac & Michka, JAC is now a veteran, but for Michka, I had to pull off all my arts diplomatic to convince him to participate, he is a singer in a gospel choir, who else could sing a blues so classic as “Me and the Devil Blues”? This blues is part of the history of music of Robert Johnson, blues guitarist and vocalist of Mississippi, who died in 1938 aged 27.
In short, we have spent the usual passion, the usual fun, the same desire to be together,
you enjoy the result. 😉

This summer the Jazz Friends are:

PeerGynt Lobogris http://www.jamendo.com/es/artist/7907/peergynt-lobogris
The Flanger Sound http://www.jamendo.com/es/artist/364910/the-flanger-sound
BlondBlood http://www.jamendo.com/es/artist/353439/blondblood
Jaime Heras http://www.jamendo.com/es/artist/5801/jaime-heras
Cosoid 3.5 http://www.jamendo.com/it/artist/367440/cosoid-3.5
Pasqualino Ubaldini http://www.jamendo.com/it/artist/347938/pasqualino-ubaldini
Paolo Pavan http://www.jamendo.com/it/artist/337503/paolo-pavan
Stefano Mocini http://www.jamendo.com/it/artist/365142/stefano-mocini
Stone Pillow http://stonepillow.restorm.com/
JAC http://www.jamendo.com/fr/artist/3004/jac
David KBD http://www.jamendo.com/es/artist/341930/davidkbd
José Gdf http://www.jamendo.com/es/artist/370469/mgia-y-tcnologa
Tracing Arcs http://www.jamendo.com/en/artist/340569/tracing-arcs
Mauro Marangoni http://www.jamendo.com/it/artist/357313/mauro-marangoni
Fortadelis http://www.jamendo.com/en/artist/8004/fortadelis
Carlos der Eisbär http://www.jamendo.com/de/artist/363191/carlos-der-eisbr
Liquid Frame http://www.jamendo.com/it/artist/6845/liquid-frame
MAG Mokrane Akim Gilles http://www.jamendo.com/fr/artist/338796/mag-.-mokrane-akim-gilles

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Special thanks to Radio Ballarò, our partner in this adventure.
Radio Ballarò unconventional radio.
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