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Constance reviews

“Constance” reviews on Jamendo – feat. HABAKA KAY FOSTER JACKSON   There’s nothing like the sweet and warm loving feeling. by Carybe • 2011-08-07 23:58:42 One of the most rewarding sensations that I get from music, is this growing warm loving feeling together with a suave shivering, that occasionally invade me from top to toe. It’s something that occurs occasionally and

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Shiva’s garden reviews

“Shiva’s garden” reviews on Jamendo Coolitude by RebelRaiser • 2011-04-24 12:46:49 Musique d’une grande plénitude, extrêmement apaisante et relaxante d’où se dégage une grande sérénité. Attitude zen ! Merci pour la recommandation.   Soothing…Caring…Sensual…Stimulating..Delightfilled. Aural…Erotic…Orgasmic..Fantastica.. Music. by musictomyears • 2011-04-25 00:13:52 Beautifully soothing…calming and graceful….pure and luxurious… meditative soul filled… ambient-al day dreamy,mesmerising, bewitching perfect, visionary… lullabies of surround sound of glorious

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