Jamendo: saints or sinners? Part 2

Jamendo… 2 years after, the results: lack of listens, no community… our predictions come real.

In this post two years ago I told all my dubts about Jamendo management, their commercial choices and the destruction of a beautiful, active community of artists and fans. When we protested they said us: “use Facebook”

As I said two years passed; now the lack of listen is under everybody’s eyes and the comparison with other similar sites is depressing. In the following diagrams there are Jamendo listens in the last year, then compared with similar site’s visitors

jamendo stats

Comparization between J and Reverbnation:


Comparization between J and SoundCloud:


Comparization between J and Deezer:


Comparization between J and Emusic:


Another example is this: there are famous artists on Jamendo with their first albums collected 500,000 / 1,000,000 listen. Now an album from the same artist has 10,000 listens.

The last anecdote is about artists on Jamendo homepage: I’ve listened one of them, a good production, a cool album published on the 30th of june 2015. Less of 5,000 listens in a month!

But what has happened to Jamendo? And more important… what have to happen again before someone says “maybe I’ve done some eorror”?

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